Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Closing a chapter

My chapter of the NSGC President’s blog began with my New Year’s wishes to the NSGC membership, so it seems appropriate to close with New Year’s Eve reflections. I am happy to say that most of our plans came to fruition: a new vision statement, a new website, advancement of state licensure (congratulations California and Delaware), the 2010 Professional Status Survey, initiation of a leadership development plan for NSGC members, and an AEC with record attendance. Of course there were surprises, as
I hadn’t expected to testify for the FDA or for the NSGC to receive national attention due to over-the-counter genetic testing kits at Walgreens!

I remember thinking privately when I began my President Elect year in 2009, “How will I have enough time to have an impact?” What I didn’t completely appreciate yet was how the NSGC’s strategic plan keeps the organization focused and moving forward during its planned, frequent transition of leadership. I simply needed to follow the plan as previous presidents and boards had done, and we could be assured of success. It wasn’t actually about me but about all NSGC volunteers working together toward common, identified goals.

And now it is time for President Elect Karin Dent to lead. Having worked closely with Karin on NSGC activities now for the past year, I can tell you that she is an open-minded, positive individual with great vision and passion for the genetic counseling profession. I’m so excited that the NSGC’s next president is a leader who is a pediatric genetic counselor at an academic medical center. With her grounding in the roots of our profession and her optimistic vision for the future, she represents both where we have been and where we will go. I know you will find her to be an inspiring leader. I do.

And so it is time for me to close this chapter of the NSGC President’s Blog. Thank you, NSGC. I’ve had the time of my life.