Thursday, May 14, 2009

NSGC 2010 - 2012 Strategic Plan

Welcome to the future of NSGC communication. Our intention is to utilize the NSGC blog as a way to get information to our membership in a timely fashion while allowing us to quickly respond to other relevant issues that affect the genetic counseling profession. Another advantage is this blog becomes searchable by outside organizations giving us additional opportunities for proactive messaging to both the mainstream media and the general public.

This will not be a traditional blog in that comments will not be directly posted to this site. However, I do encourage comments and appropriate comments may be summarized and posted as a representation of the responses. The main intention for this blog is to serve as an additional communication tool for the NSGC leadership. So in that light, on behalf of the NSGC board of directors, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce NSGC’s 2010-2012 Strategic Plan. This plan is a result of significant input from NSGC’s membership, external stakeholders, committed volunteers and the Board of Directors.

Work on this plan began in fall 2008 with visioning focus groups held during and after the 2008 Annual Education Conference (AEC) in Los Angeles. These focus groups brought together members and external stakeholders to provide input on the landscape for genetics and genomics in the next several years and what NSGC needs to do to prepare our members for this future.

Following completion of the focus groups, the major themes that emerged from these discussions were used to develop the NSGC Vision Survey that was distributed in January 2009 to the full membership. Over 450 of you shared your thoughts about future priorities for NSGC and genetic counselors through this survey.

The focus group and survey information was provided as background to the Board of Directors along with representatives from ABGC, ACMG, ISONG and the Genetic Counseling Foundation who participated in the strategic planning process. The Board and organizational representatives went through a facilitated day-long session that resulted in development of a draft of the plan we are sharing with you today. The Board then continued to discuss and refine the plan, resulting in this final version.

The strategic initiatives as outlined in the plan will be used as a basis for our annual plan of work and charges to NSGC’s committees. This is an ambitious plan that will require significant financial resources along with substantial involvement by our members in all areas of NSGC. As a reminder this is not an absolute plan, but a living document that can be modified over the coming years should the landscape dictate the need change.

The Board appreciates your involvement in this process and we look forward to working with you on these strategic initiatives over the next three years.

To view the 2010-2012 Strategic Plan, please visit:

Steven Keiles, MS
NSGC President